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You need the proven results of the leading citation defense practice group led by managing partner Geoffrey G. Nathan who has has successfully represented thousands of accused speeders, including everyone from CEO's and doctors to truck drivers and software engineers. His other speeding-related specialties include: Negligent Operation, Driver’s License Appeals and Hardship License. Be sure to ask for our many corporate and personal testimonials, as well as our money-back guarantee.

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Boston Magazine Quotes
Geoffrey G. Nathan
How to get out of a traffic ticket

Boston Magazine features Attorney Nathan in a front cover feature article entitled "Secrets of the City Revealed" as abbreviated:

Boston Attorney Geoffrey Nathan
“This is what I get paid to do, so I won't go into all my secrets. Let's just say there is some statutory wriggle room. I beat a lot of cases on... technicalities... If the magistrate goes against you, appeal and appear before a Judge.”
Kiplinger Magazine declares Attorney Nathan as the recognized Massachusetts expert in defending speeding tickets.

The Magazine quotes Attorney Nathan and economists asserting that the pre-tax levy for the first ticket exceeds $2,825 over five years.

Attorney Nathan is quoted by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly as an authority on drunk driving statutory revisions pending before the Massachusetts Legislature.

"There are too many words in (the drunk driving statute) which no one can figure out...the last thing we need is more language" Nathan said in urging the Legislature to leave well enough alone.

Recent Verdicts

November 2014
  • Hingham District Court. A 56-year-old Massachusetts man and Internet financing pioneer it is found not responsible of speeding 40 in a 30 mi./h zone said citation having been issued to him by the Rockland Police Department. Read More
  • Cambridge District Court. The same Massachusetts client is unable to attend his magistrate hearing for red light violation in central square. Our lawyers successfully waived his presence at the magistrate hearing and set the case up for going in front of a judge. The client could not appear before the judge and was found responsible. This was 8th moving violation handled by our office. Read More
October 2014
  • Woburn District Court a repeat client is found not responsible of passing violation in violation of chapter 89 section 2 but responsible of speeding, 88 mi./h in a 65 mile-per-hour zone said citation having been issued out of state police, AndoverRead More
September 2014
  • Berkshire District Court. A New York man is found not responsible of speeding on the Massachusetts Turnpike, 80 mi./h in a 65 mi./h zone. Read More
August 2014
  • Woburn District Court A 47-year-old corporate client involved in some the nation's most complex financial deals has his presence waived by motion of attorney Nathan and is found not responsible of this several nonspecific intent motor vehicle infractions Read More
  • Malden District Court a 22-year-old sometime girlfriend of Attorney Nathan is cited by the Massachusetts state police for speeding, registration not in possession and state highway violation. She is found not responsible at the clerks hearing, obviously. Read More