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Our 100% Guarantee! Our Affordable Fee Will Be Returned If We Lose A Case At Magistrate Level – Guaranteed!

What It Costs

Yes, our fee is very affordable. This always is the question that we hear the most, and obviously, cost is a major issue. However, always remember: If you have to appear in front of a clerk magistrate on a civil motor infraction (CMV), such as a speeding ticket, you will have no better advocate at your side in Massachusetts than one of our lawyers.

We have an extensive record of success in each district court in the Commonwealth. Most often, the best result occurs: Not Responsible. So, you need to weigh that fact, along with the cost of our services. See Case Results.

Also, we can appeal before a judge if needed, and we have a strong record of success here, as well. Our attorneys have over 10 years of experience in each individual district court. Many of them are former court or law enforcement officials before they went to law school. Attorney Nathan carefully guides each lawyer during this process.

Speeding ticket fee:

  • Flat fee traffic violation tickets under 90 MPH
  • Flat fee for traffic violation tickets over 90 MPH
  • Driver license reinstatement/hardship fee
  • Jr. operator matters minimum fee slightly higher
  • Flat fee Judge’s Appeal of Magistrate Finding

All clients are obligated to provide us with an updated merit rating board history available from your agent or insurance agency by calling and requesting this information.

What Does This Service Cost?

Fighting a speeding ticket successfully is not an easy matter. This requires a lot of experience, skill and great familiarity with the magistrate proceeding. The lawyer usually needs to go to the court in person and present the case with his or her great experience and training. This costs money, because the lawyer has many years of training and experience with a demonstrated record of success.

Also, you need to see the cost of hiring an attorney in the big picture. If you have three tickets in one year, you can have your license suspended, as well as having much higher insurance costs. These costs alone make fighting your ticket worth the price. One speeding ticket might cost you thousands in insurance surcharges each year, and therefore can cost you many thousands over seven years.

Our main office is only two blocks from the Registry of Motor Vehicles/Division of Insurance. Our lawyers have easy access to where the hearings are scheduled for all matters pertaining to driver’s licenses. We also have affiliate offices all through the state, serving close to most district courts.